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Painters and Decorators: Painting Tips to Achieve a Quality Finish


A simple and inexpensive way to showcase your home is to provide it with a new coat of paint. Paint can do wonders for your home because it can hide all those imperfections. The right choice of paint color can add illumination and highlight your furniture and décor. It is also a medium for expressing your personality. In order to achieve a quality finish, a good option would be painters and decorators Cambridge.


The importance of primer in interior painting


If you are wondering how painters and decorators Cambridge manage to create high quality surfaces, the key is primer. Primer is very important if you are drastically changing the color of a room because it will hide the previous color as well as the stains to create a top coat that will improve adherence. Homeowners who try their hands on painting usually end up frustrated with the end results because they did not bother with primer. Primer enhances the ability of the topcoat to hide the prepped surface completely particularly in instances when you cover a darker color with a lighter shade.


The importance of using drop cloths


You will notice that painters and decorators always use drop cloths prior to painting. This is for the protection of floors from paint spatters. Painting the interiors can be a messy job that is why it is always suggested to hire professionals to do the work. Canvas is a good material for drop cloth because it lays flat and you can walk all over it without tripping. Canvas absorbs paint splatters and does not get slippery.


The importance of using extension poles


Ladders can be hazardous particularly for amateurs. If you decide on a do-it-yourself job, invest in extension poles for your paint roller. There are poles measuring from about 18 inches to 36 inches to allow you plenty of reach when painting your ceilings. When shopping for the extension pole, make sure that the paint roller can be threaded on its end. Make sure that the pole can be locked anywhere along its length through a twist of the wrist. It must also have a rubber non-slip grip and a rigid metal core.